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    BrE BrE//reɪˈʒiːm//
    ; NAmE NAmE//reɪˈʒiːm//
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  1. 1a method or system of government, especially one that has not been elected in a fair way a fascist/totalitarian/military, etc. regime an oppressive/brutal regime CollocationsPoliticsPower create/​form/​be the leader of a political party gain/​take/​win/​lose/​regain control of Congress start/​spark/​lead/​be on the brink of a revolution be engaged/​locked in an internal power struggle lead/​form a rival/​breakaway faction seize/​take control of the government/​power bring down/​overthrow/​topple the government/​president/​regime abolish/​overthrow/​restore the monarchy establish/​install a military dictatorship/​a stable government be forced/​removed/​driven from office/​power resign/​step down as party leader/​an MP/​president/​prime minister enter/​retire from/​return to political lifePolitical debate spark/​provoke a heated/​hot/​intense/​lively debate engage in/​participate in/​contribute to (the) political/​public debate (on/​over something) get involved in/​feel excluded from the political process launch/​start/​lead/​spearhead a campaign/​movement join/​be linked with the peace/​anti-war/​feminist/​civil rights movement criticize/​speak out against/​challenge/​support the government lobby/​put pressure on the government (to do something) come under fire/​pressure from opposition partiesPolicy call for/​demand/​propose/​push for/​advocate democratic/​political/​land reform(s) formulate/​implement domestic economic policy change/​influence/​shape/​have an impact on government/​economic/​public policy be consistent with/​be in line with/​go against/​be opposed to government policy reform/​restructure/​modernize the tax system privatize/​improve/​deliver/​make cuts in public services invest (heavily) in/​spend something on schools/​education/​public services/(the) infrastructure nationalize the banks/​the oil industry promise/​propose/​deliver/​give ($80 billion in/​significant/​substantial/​massive) tax cuts a/​the budget is approved/ (especially North American English) passed by parliament/​congressMaking laws have a majority in/​have seats in Parliament/​Congress/​the Senate propose/​sponsor a bill/​legislation/​a resolution introduce/​bring in/​draw up/​draft/​adopt/​pass a bill/​a law/​legislation/​measures amend/​repeal an act/​a law/​legislation veto/​vote against/​oppose a bill/​legislation/​a measure/​a proposal/​a resolution get/​require/​be decided by a majority vote
  2. 2a method or system of organizing or managing something Our tax regime is one of the most favourable in Europe.
  3. 3= regimen a dietary regime See related entries: Healthy eating habits
  4. Word Originlate 15th cent. (in the sense ‘regimen’): French régime, from Latin regimen ‘rule’, from regere ‘to rule’. Sense 1 dates from the late 18th cent. (with original reference to the Ancien Régime).Extra examples An interim government was elected to replace the ousted regime. Crowds celebrated the downfall of the old regime. Education was seen as a way of bolstering the existing regime. He spoke of the abhorrent crimes that had been committed under the regime. He suggested to me that I follow his fitness regime. In 1940 a puppet regime was established by the invaders. It will be necessary to create a regime to monitor compliance with the agreements. She called for sanctions against the regime. The children were subjected to a strict regime of meals, walks and lessons. The communist regime came to power in 1975. The tyrannical regime violently repressed any opposition. These regimes pose a grave and growing danger. Under the new regime you will be liable for automatic penalties for late submission of tax returns. a challenge to the global nuclear non-proliferation regime a financial regime imposed by the government a harsh and unrelenting theocratic regime a military regime headed by the general a military regime under Franco a regime based on discipline and training collaboration with the secular Egyptian regime dictatorships and autocratic regimes the UN-enforced sanctions regime the company’s outstanding safety regime the day he and his regime are removed from power the new regime for accounting for charities the real war aim of regime change the threat posed by rogue regimes He described the government as one of the most brutal and repressive regimes in the world today. I’m going swimming every day as part of my new fitness regime. She was imprisoned because of her opposition to the regime. They are investigating human rights abuses under the previous military regime.
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