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    BrE BrE//ˈreɡjələ(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈreɡjələr//
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    following pattern
  1. 1  following a pattern, especially with the same time or space in between each thing and the next regular breathing a regular pulse/heartbeat A light flashed at regular intervals. There is a regular bus service to the airport. regular meetings/visits The equipment is checked on a regular basis. She writes a regular column for a national newspaper. opposite irregular
  2. frequent
  3. 2  done or happening often Do you take regular exercise? Domestic violence is a regular occurrence in some families. opposite irregular
  4. 3  [only before noun] (of people) doing the same thing or going to the same place often our regular customers regular offenders (= against the law) He was a regular visitor to her house.
  5. usual
  6. 4  [only before noun] usual I couldn't see my regular doctor today. On Monday he would have to return to his regular duties. It's important to follow the regular procedure.
  7. even
  8. 5  having an even shape a face with regular features a regular geometric pattern He flashed a smile, showing two rows of white, regular teeth. opposite irregular
  9. permanent
  10. 6  lasting or happening over a long period a regular income She couldn't find any regular employment.
  11. standard size
  12. 7  (especially North American English) of a standard size Regular or large fries?
  13. ordinary
  14. 8  [only before noun] (especially North American English) ordinary; without any special or extra features Do you want regular or diet cola? I just want to buy a regular white shirt—nothing fancy. (approving) He's just a regular guy who loves his dog.
  15. soldier
  16. 9[only before noun] belonging to or connected with the permanent armed forces or police force of a country a regular army/soldier opposite irregular
  17. grammar
  18. 10 (especially of verbs or nouns) changing their form in the same way as most other verbs and nouns The past participle of regular verbs ends in ‘-ed’. opposite irregular
  19. for emphasis
  20. 11(informal) used for emphasis to show that somebody/something is an exact or clear example of the thing mentioned The whole thing was a regular disaster.
  21. Word Originlate Middle English: from Old French reguler, from Latin regularis, from regula ‘rule’.Extra examples He’s a pretty regular guy. Her face was perfectly regular. His blood pressures was taken at regular intervals. She comes from a perfectly regular middle-class family. She enjoyed his increasingly regular visits. The paintings are changed on a regular basis. at fairly regular intervals highly regular patterns A light flashed at regular intervals. Eat a healthy diet and take regular exercise. He became a regular visitor to Hamilton Road. He was mistaken for one of the regular crew. Her views on the subject will be familiar to regular readers of the paper. I couldn’t see my regular doctor today. I decided to give up the freelance work and concentrate on my regular job. I needed to get a regular job. In the 1950s he made regular appearances on Broadway. Many of them were regular users of heroin. Nightmares and night-time anxiety are a regular feature of his work. Power cuts were a fairly regular occurrence. Regular smokers also drink more alcohol than non-smokers. She couldn’t find any regular employment. She went on with her regular evening task of doing the accounts. The equipment is checked on a regular basis. The need to earn a regular income restricted the time he could spend pursuing his real interests. The other bag had my regular clothes in it. The parents are not regular churchgoers. The plant requires regular pruning to maintain its shape. There were regular complaints of obstruction caused by parked vehicles. There were regular disputes over boundaries. They have been regular customers for many years. This breed of dog benefits from a regular supply of green vegetables in its diet. a regular pulse/​heartbeatIdioms
    (as) regular as clockwork
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    very regularly; happening at the same time in the same way He is home by six every day, regular as clockwork. More Like ThisSimiles in idioms (as) bald as a coot, (as) blind as a bat, (as) bright as a button, (as) bold as brass, as busy as a bee, as clean as a whistle, (as) dead as a/​the dodo, (as) deaf as a post, (as) dull as ditchwater, (as) fit as a fiddle, as flat as a pancake, (as) good as gold, (as) mad as a hatter/​a March hare, (as) miserable/​ugly as sin, as old as the hills, (as) pleased as Punch, as pretty as a picture, (as) regular as clockwork, (as) quick as a flash, (as) safe as houses, (as) sound as a bell, (as) steady as a rock, (as) thick as two short planks, (as) tough as old bootsSee worksheet.
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