Definition of report noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



; rɪˈpɔːrt

of news

1 report (on/of something) a written or spoken account of an event, especially one that is published or broadcastAre these newspaper reports true?And now over to Jim Muir, for a report on the South African election.a weather report


2 report (on something) a spoken or written description of something containing information that somebody needs to havea police/medical reportCan you give us a progress report?

official study

3 report (on something) an official document written by a group of people who have examined a particular situation or problemThe committee will publish their report on the health service in a few weeks.


4 a story or piece of information that may or may not be trueI don't believe these reports of UFO sightings.There are unconfirmed reports of a shooting in the capital.

on student's work

5 (British English) (North American English report card) a written statement about a student's work at school, college, etca school reportto get a good/bad report


6 (British English, business) an employee whose work is the responsibility of a particular managera weekly meeting with my direct reportsHe was finding one of his reports very difficult to manage.

of gun

7 the sound of an explosion or of a gun being fired
, blast
a loud report

of bad/good report

(formal) talked about by people in a bad/good way
Usage noteUsage note: reportstory account versionThese are all words for a written or spoken account of a written or spoken account of an event, especially one that is published or broadcast:Are these newspaper reports true?story an account, often spoken, of what happened to somebody or of how something happened; a report of events in a newspaper, magazine or news broadcast:It was many years before the full story was made public. the front-page storyaccount a written or spoken description of something that has happened:She gave the police a full account of the or account?A report is always of recent events, especially news. An account may be of recent or past events.version a description of an event from the point of view of a particular person or group of people:She gave us her version of what had happened that day.a report/story about somethinga brief/short report/story/accounta full report/story/account/versiona news report/storyto give a(n) report/account/version