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    BrE BrE//rɪˈtɜːn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//rɪˈtɜːrn//
    Using a computer
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    coming back
  1. 1  [singular] return (to…) (from…) the action of arriving in or coming back to a place that you were in before He was met by his brother on his return from Italy. I saw the play on its return to Broadway. on the return flight/journey/trip
  2. giving/sending back
  3. 2  [uncountable, singular] the action of giving, putting or sending something/somebody back We would appreciate the prompt return of books to the library. The judge ordered the return of the child to his mother. Write your return address (= the address that a reply should be sent to) on the back of the envelope.
  4. of feeling/state
  5. 3  [singular] return (of something) the situation when a feeling or state that has not been experienced for some time starts again synonym reappearance the return of spring a return of my doubts
  6. to previous situation/activity
  7. 4  [singular] return to something the action of going back to an activity or a situation that you used to do or be in his return to power They appealed for a return to work (= after a strike).
  8. profit
  9. 5[uncountable, countable] the amount of profit that you get from something synonym earnings, yield a high rate of return on capital farmers seeking to improve returns from their crops
  10. official report
  11. 6[countable] an official report or statement that gives particular information to the government or another body census returns election returns (= the number of votes for each candidate in an election) see also tax return
  12. ticket
  13. 7[countable] (British English) = return ticket ‘Brighton, please.’ ‘Single or return?’ A return is cheaper than two singles. the return fare to London see also day return
  14. 8[countable] a ticket for the theatre or a sports game that was bought by somebody but is given back to be sold again
  15. on computer
  16. 9[uncountable] (also return key [countable]) the button that you press on a computer when you reach the end of an instruction, or to begin a new line To exit this option, press return. Wordfinderbackspace, click, control, cursor, escape, keyboard, return, shift, slash, space bar See related entries: Using a computer
  17. in tennis
  18. 10[countable] (in tennis and some other sports) the action of hitting the ball, etc. back to your opponent a powerful return of serve
  19. Word OriginMiddle English: the verb from Old French returner, from Latin re- ‘back’ + tornare ‘to turn’; the noun via Anglo-Norman French.Extra examples All orders will be sent by return of post/​by return mail. Gold shares could realize returns of 15% per annum. He continued to seek the return of his property. He does not rule out a possible return to the concert world. He made a successful return to the game after several years of retirement. He promised to visit us on his return. I lost my return ticket and was stranded in Thailand. Jones is hoping for an early return to racing after her injury. She expects a 100% return within 18 months. She gave them all the help she could, and asked for nothing in return. She hoped she’d get a return call soon. She made a triumphant return to Broadway earlier this year. Shevchenko made an emotional return to his former club. The UN continued to call for a return to civilian rule. The championships made their long-awaited return to the West Coast. The cooperative anticipates a return to profitability later in the year. The date of their return from India is a fortnight from now. The employer guaranteed a certain return on retirement investment. The group has averaged returns of 3.8% a year over the past five years. The new treatment means patients can expect a shorter hospital stay and a faster return to work. The organization facilitates the return of refugees and displaced persons. The photos were taken during his nostalgic return to Redwood Creek. The plan provides a guaranteed return. The smell of cooking greeted his return home. The software had to demonstrate a fast return. The takeover heralded a return to a strong central administration. The venture yielded a net return of £15 million. The victory marked Williams’ return to top form. Their goal is to improve economic returns from irrigation. These figures represent a return of 8.5% per annum. They are counting on a big financial return. They offered up a prayer of thanks for her safe return. They’re looking for new sources of investment return. This is a welcome return to form for one of the best athletes in the sport. This race announces the successful return of Johnson, who has been out of the international scene for almost two years. Thousands will welcome the return of this national treasure. Today, the whole village celebrates Elizabeth’s miraculous return. Venture capitalists currently see few prospects of early returns. We’re getting a high rate of return. When is your return flight? Will he be saved by the timely return of Simone? You should get a good return on this investment. a cult whose members advocated a return to traditional living a full return to health an average return of 16% future real returns from global equities his eventual return to Budapest increasing returns from educational investment investors seeking better returns in an era of low inflation the law of diminishing returns the return on capital/​investment/​savings the unexpected return of her long-lost niece to maximize returns to shareholders Have you submitted your tax return yet? He was accused of trying to falsify election returns. Product areas are being developed to produce maximum returns. The 2001 census returns showed that there were more unemployed people than was previously thought. The bank offers a higher rate of return on investments over $10 000. The capital she invested failed to generate much of a return. The latest statistical returns are not very reliable. These amounts of money were not declared in their annual returns. Write your return address on the back of the envelope. on the return flight/​journey/​tripIdioms (British English) using the next available post; as soon as possible Please reply by return of post.
      in return (for something)
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    1. 1  as a way of thanking somebody or paying them for something they have done Can I buy you lunch in return for your help?
    2. 2  as a response or reaction to something I asked her opinion, but she just asked me a question in return.
    many happy returns (of the day)
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    used to wish somebody a happy and pleasant birthday
    the time when you must continue with what you have decided to do, because it is not possible to get back to an earlier situation (British English) (of goods) supplied with the agreement that any item that is not sold can be sent back without having to be paid for
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