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    BrE BrE//raɪd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//raɪd//
    Cycling, Equine sports
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    in vehicle
  1. 1  a short journey in a vehicle, on a bicycle, etc. a train ride through beautiful countryside It's a ten-minute bus ride from here to town. Steve gave me a ride on his motorbike. We went for a ride on our bikes. a bike ride See related entries: Cycling
  2. 2  (North American English) (British English, North American English lift) a free ride in a car, etc. to a place you want to get to She hitched a ride to the station. We managed to get a ride into town when we missed the bus.
  3. 3  the kind of journey you make in a car, etc. a smooth/comfortable/bumpy, etc. ride (figurative) The new legislation faces a bumpy ride (= will meet with opposition and difficulties).
  4. on horse
  5. 4  a short journey on a horse, etc. a pony ride The kids had a ride on an elephant at the zoo. He goes for a ride most mornings. See related entries: Equine sports
  6. at funfair
  7. 5a large machine at a funfair or amusement park that you ride on for fun or excitement; an occasion when you go on one of these The rides are free. a roller coaster ride
  8. Word OriginOld English rīdan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch rijden and German reiten.Extra examples He took her for a wild ride on the back of his motorbike. He used to get free rides by hiding in the toilet of the train. I managed to cadge a ride with a lorry driver. I managed to hitch a ride with someone going in my direction. I went on every ride in the amusement park. It was a bumpy ride along the farm track. She’s gone for a ride on her bike. The day had been a roller-coaster ride of emotions. The new legislation did not have a smooth ride through Parliament. The new teacher was given a rough ride by the class. The rats hitch a free ride on ships. The ride from our house to my parents’ takes about an hour. Visitors can take a ride on a miniature train. We have a long ride ahead of us tomorrow. We went for a leisurely ride along the canal. After a short taxi ride, we were there. Have you ever had a ride on a camel? I asked if she’d give me a ride on the back of her motorbike. I was taking my usual morning ride along the beach. It’s a pretty long ride from Las Vegas to the coast. It’s a ten-minute bus ride into town. John took me for a ride in his new car. The train ride through the mountains was fantastic. There were pony rides for the children.Idioms
    come/go along for the ride
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    (informal) to join in an activity for pleasure but without being seriously interested in it
    get, take, etc. a free ride
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    to get or take something without paying because somebody else is paying for it
    have a rough/an easy ride, give somebody a rough/an easy ride
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    (informal) to experience/not experience difficulties when you are doing something; to make things difficult/easy for somebody He will be given a rough ride at the party conference.
    take somebody for a ride
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    (informal) to cheat or trick somebody It's not a pleasant feeling to discover you've been taken for a ride by someone you trusted.
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