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    BrE BrE//raɪt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//raɪt//
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  1. 1  exactly; directly Lee was standing right behind her. The wind was right in our faces. I'm right behind you on this one (= I am supporting you). The bus came right on time.
  2. completely
  3. 2  all the way; completely The car spun right off the track. I'm right out of ideas. She kept right on swimming until she reached the other side.
  4. immediately
  5. 3  (informal) immediately; without delay I'll be right back. I'll be right with you (= I am coming very soon).
  6. correctly
  7. 4  correctly You guessed right. opposite wrong
  8. satisfactorily
  9. 5  in the way that things should happen or are supposed to happen Nothing's going right for me today. Which Word?right / rightly Right and rightly can both be used as adverbs. In the sense ‘correctly’ or ‘in the right way’, right is the usual adverb. It is only used after verbs:He did it right. Did I spell your name right? Rightly cannot be used like this. In formal language correctly is used:Is your name spelled correctly? The usual meaning of rightly is ‘for a good reason’ and it comes before an adjective:They are rightly proud of their children. It can be used to mean ‘correctly’ before a verb or in particular phrases:As you rightly say, we have a serious problem. In North American English rightly is not at all common. opposite wrong
  10. not left
  11. 6  on or to the right side Turn right at the end of the street. opposite left
  12. Word OriginOld English riht (adjective and noun), rihtan (verb), rihte (adverb), of Germanic origin; related to Latin rectus ‘ruled’, from an Indo-European root denoting movement in a straight line.Idioms
    hit somebody (straight/right) in the eye
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    to be very obvious to somebody
    it serves somebody right (for doing something)
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     used to say that something that has happened to somebody is their own fault and they deserve it Left you, did she? It serves you right for being so selfish.
    everywhere She owes money right and left.  immediately; without delay I want it sent right away. I told him right off what I thought of him. = left, right and centre
    1. 1  at this moment He's not in the office right now.
    2. 2  immediately Do it right now!
    (informal, especially North American English) immediately; without delay We both liked each other right off the bat. Foreign aid is one of the issues we have to deal with right off the bat. (informal) to make sure that somebody has all they need or want You needn't worry about money—I'll see you right.
    take the words right out of somebody’s mouth
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    to say what somebody else was going to say
    (right) up your street (especially British English) (usually North American English (right) up your alley)
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    (informal) very suitable for you because it is something that you know a lot about or are very interested in This job seems right up your street.
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