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Robert Maxwell

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(1923-91) a British businessman, publisher and newspaper owner, born in Czechoslovakia. He came to Britain in 1940 and received the Military Cross for his military achievements in World War II. He first became rich through his publishing company, the Pergamon Press. However, in 1969, an official investigation into the company decided that he was not a suitable person to run a company. He was also at this time a Labour Party Member of Parliament, a position he held from 1964 to 1970.Maxwell built up a large business empire and became one of the most powerful people in the newspaper industry. In 1984 he bought Mirror Group Newspapers and so became the owner of the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror and The People, all popular British newspapers. Maxwell died when he fell from a boat and drowned. After his death it was discovered that he had illegally taken money from the pension funds of employees. His sons Kevin and Ian were prosecuted for financial crimes involving his companies but were found not guilty. Maxwell's reputation, however, was destroyed.