Definition of rocket noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


; ˈrɑːkɪt
1 [countable] a spacecraft in the shape of a tube that is driven by a stream of gases let out behind it when fuel is burned insidea space rocketThe rocket was launched in 2007.The idea took off like a rocket(= it immediately became popular).2 [countable] a missile (= a weapon that travels through the air) that carries a bomb and is driven by a stream of burning gasesa rocket attack3 [countable] a firework that goes high into the air and then explodes with coloured lights4 [uncountable] (British English) (North American English arugula) a plant with long green leaves that have a strong flavour and are eaten raw in salads

to give somebody a rocket


to get a rocket

(British English, informal) to speak angrily to somebody because they have done something wrong; to be spoken to angrily for this reason