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    BrE BrE//rəʊˈmæntɪk//
    ; NAmE NAmE//roʊˈmæntɪk//
    Romance, Love
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  1. 1  connected or concerned with love or a sexual relationship a romantic candlelit dinner romantic stories/fiction/comedy I'm not interested in a romantic relationship. Wordfinderaffair, date, go out with somebody, jealous, love, marriage, partner, passionate, relationship, romantic See related entries: Romance, Love
  2. 2  (of people) showing feelings of love Why don't you ever give me flowers? I wish you'd be more romantic.
  3. 3  beautiful in a way that makes you think of love or feel strong emotions romantic music romantic mountain scenery romantic images of deserted beaches
  4. 4  having an attitude to life where imagination and the emotions are especially important; not looking at situations in a realistic way a romantic view of life When I was younger, I had romantic ideas of becoming a writer.
  5. 5 Romantic [usually before noun] used to describe literature, music or art, especially of the 19th century, that is concerned with strong feelings, imagination and a return to nature, rather than reason, order and intellectual ideas the Romantic movement Keats is one of the greatest Romantic poets.
  6. Word Originmid 17th cent. (referring to the characteristics of romance in a narrative): from archaic romaunt ‘tale of chivalry’, from an Old French variant of romanz, based on Latin Romanicus ‘Roman’. (see romance).Extra examples You’re getting quite romantic in your old age! highly romantic notions of honour I’m not interested in a romantic relationship. Why don’t you ever give me flowers? I wish you’d be more romantic. romantic stories/​fiction/​comedy
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