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    BrE BrE//raʊnd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//raʊnd//
    (especially British English) (usually North American English around)
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  1. 1  in a circle the first woman to sail round the world The earth moves round the sun.
  2. 2  on, to or from the other side of something Our house is round the next bend. There she is, coming round the corner. There must be a way round the problem.
  3. 3  on all sides of somebody/something; surrounding somebody/something She put her arms round him. He had a scarf round his neck. They were all sitting round the table.
  4. 4  in or to many parts of something She looked all round the room.
  5. 5to fit in with particular people, ideas, etc. He has to organize his life round the kids. Which Word?around / round / about Around and round can often be used with the same meaning in British English, though around is more formal:The earth goes round/​around the sun. They live round/​around the corner. We travelled round/​around India. She turned round/​around when I came in. In North American English only around can be used in these meanings. Around, round and about can also sometimes be used with the same meaning in British English:The kids were running around/​round/​about outside. I’ve been waiting around/​round/​about to see her all day. In North American English only around can be used in these meanings. About or around can be used in both British English and North American English to mean ‘approximately’:We left around/​about 8 o’clock.
  6. Word OriginMiddle English: from the Old French stem round-, from a variant of Latin rotundus ‘rotund’.Idioms
    a millstone around/round your neck
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    a difficult problem or responsibility that it seems impossible to solve or get rid of My debts are a millstone around my neck. Unemployment was an economic millstone around the country’s neck.
     near where you are now or where you live There are no decent schools round here.
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