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    BrE BrE//ˈsæləd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈsæləd//
    Types of meal
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  1. 1  [uncountable, countable] a mixture of raw vegetables such as lettuce, tomato and cucumber, usually served with other food as part of a meal All main courses come with salad or vegetables. Is cold meat and salad OK for lunch? a side salad (= a small bowl of salad served with the main course of a meal) a salad bowl (= a large bowl for serving salad in) CollocationsCookingPreparing prepare a dish/​a meal/​a menu/​dinner/​the fish weigh out 100g/4oz of sugar/​the ingredients wash/​rinse the lettuce/​spinach/​watercress chop/​slice/​dice the carrots/​onions/​potatoes peel the carrots/​onion/​potatoes/​garlic/​orange grate a carrot/​the cheese/​some nutmeg remove/​discard the bones/​seeds/​skin blend/​combine/​mix (together) the flour and water/​all the ingredients beat/​whisk the cream/​eggs/​egg whites knead/​shape/​roll (out) the doughCooking heat the oil in a frying pan preheat/​heat the oven/(British English) the grill/(North American English) the broiler bring to (British English) the boil/(North American English) a boil stir constantly/​gently with a wooden spoon reduce the heat simmer gently for 20 minutes/​until reduced by half melt the butter/​chocolate/​cheese/​sugar brown the meat for 8–20 minutes drain the pasta/​the water from the pot/​in a colander mash the potatoes/​banana/​avocadoWays of cooking cook food/​fish/​meat/​rice/​pasta/​a Persian dish bake (a loaf of) bread/​a cake/(especially North American English) cookies/(British English) biscuits/​a pie/​potatoes/​fish/​scones/​muffins boil cabbage/​potatoes/​an egg/​water fry/​deep-fry/​stir-fry the chicken/​vegetables grill meat/​steak/​chicken/​sausages/​a hot dog roast potatoes/​peppers/​meat/​chicken/​lamb sauté garlic/​mushrooms/​onions/​potatoes/​vegetables steam rice/​vegetables/​spinach/​asparagus/​dumplings toast bread/​nuts microwave food/​popcorn/(British English) a ready mealServing serve in a glass/​on a bed of rice/​with potatoes arrange the slices on a plate/​in a layer carve the meat/​lamb/​chicken/​turkey dress/​toss a salad dress with/​drizzle with olive oil/​vinaigrette top with a slice of lemon/​a scoop of ice cream/​whipped cream/​syrup garnish with a sprig of parsley/​fresh basil leaves/​lemon wedges/​a slice of lime/​a twist of orange sprinkle with salt/​sugar/​herbs/​parsley/​freshly ground black pepper see also Caesar salad, green salad See related entries: Types of meal
  2. 2  [countable, uncountable] (in compounds) meat, fish, cheese, etc. served with salad a chicken salad
  3. 3  [uncountable, countable] (in compounds) raw or cooked vegetables, etc. that are cut into small pieces, often mixed with mayonnaise and served cold with other food potato salad a pasta salad see also fruit salad
  4. 4[uncountable] any green vegetable, especially lettuce, that is eaten raw in a salad salad plants
  5. Word Originlate Middle English: from Old French salade, from Provençal salada, based on Latin sal ‘salt’.Extra examples Is the steak served with a side salad? She tossed and dressed the salad. The sandwiches came with a rather limp salad garnish.Idioms (old-fashioned) the time when you are young and do not have much experience of life
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