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    BrE BrE//seɪm//
    ; NAmE NAmE//seɪm//
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  1. 1  exactly the one or ones referred to or mentioned; not different We have lived in the same house for twenty years. Our children go to the same school as theirs. She's still the same fun-loving person that I knew at college. This one works in exactly the same way as the other. They both said much the same thing. He used the very same (= exactly the same) words. I resigned last Friday and left that same day.
  2. 2  exactly like the one or ones referred to or mentioned I bought the same car as yours (= another car of that type). She was wearing the same dress that I had on. The same thing happened to me last week.
  3. Word OriginMiddle English: from Old Norse sami, from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit sama, Greek homos.Extra examples In his work, form and meaning are one and the same. That’s not quite the same thing, is it? They both taste just the same to me. Your dress is nearly the same as mine. Your new job will be essentially the same as your old one. We can do the two things at one and the same time.Idioms Most idioms containing same are at the entries for the nouns and verbs in the idioms, for example be in the same boat is at boat.  (informal) used to say that a situation has not changed at all ‘How's it going?’ ‘Oh, same old, same old.’
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