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    BrE BrE//ˈsætɪsfaɪd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈsætɪsfaɪd//
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  1. 1  pleased because you have achieved something or because something that you wanted to happen has happened a satisfied smile a satisfied customer satisfied with somebody/something She's never satisfied with what she's got. opposite dissatisfied Synonymshappysatisfied content contented joyful blissfulThese words all describe feeling, showing or giving pleasure or satisfaction.happy feeling, showing or giving pleasure; satisfied with something or not worried about it:a happy marriage/​memory/​childhood I said I’d go, just to keep him happy.satisfied pleased because you have achieved something or because something has happened as you wanted it to; showing this satisfaction:She’s never satisfied with what she’s got. a satisfied smilecontent [not before noun] happy and satisfied with what you have:I’m perfectly content just to lie in the sun.contented happy and comfortable with what you have; showing this:a contented baby a long contented sighcontent or contented?Being contented depends more on having a comfortable life; being content can depend more on your attitude to your life: you can have to be content or learn to be content. People or animals can be contented but only people can be content.joyful (rather formal) very happy; making people very happyblissful making people very happy; showing this happiness:three blissful weeks away joyful or blissful? Joy is a livelier feeling; bliss is more peaceful.Patterns happy/​satisfied/​content/​contented with something a happy/​satisfied/​contented/​blissful smile a happy/​joyful occasion/​celebration to feel happy/​satisfied/​content/​contented/​joyful very/​perfectly/​quite happy/​satisfied/​content/​contented See related entries: Happiness
  2. 2  satisfied (that…) | satisfied (with something) believing or accepting that something is true synonym convinced I'm satisfied that they are telling the truth.
  3. compare unsatisfied
    Word Familysatisfaction noun (dissatisfaction)satisfactory adjective (unsatisfactory)satisfy verbsatisfying adjective (unsatisfying)satisfied adjective (dissatisfied) (unsatisfied)Extra examples He declared himself satisfied with the results. Her parents seemed satisfied enough with her progress. I felt well satisfied with my day’s work. She seemed satisfied with the arrangements. I’m satisfied that they’re telling the truth. Keep all letters from satisfied customers. Police were satisfied that the death was accidental. Sarah watched, a satisfied expression on her face. She’s never satisfied with what she’s got. You need to be satisfied of all the facts.
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