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Scylla and Charybdis

BrE BrE//ˌsɪlə ənd kəˈrɪbdɪs//
; NAmE NAmE//ˌsɪlə ənd kəˈrɪbdɪs//
, also NAmE//ˌsɪlə ənd tʃəˈrɪbdɪs//
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used to refer to a situation in which an attempt to avoid one danger increases the risk from another danger More Like This Expressions from history and legend Achilles heel, Cinderella, Herculean, Mephistophelian, Midas touch, narcissism, odyssey, Prince Charming, Procrustean, Promethean, Pyrrhic, Robin Hood, Scylla and Charybdis, Sleeping Beauty, Stygian, TitanSee worksheet. From ancient Greek stories in which a female sea creature (called Scylla) tried to catch and eat sailors who passed between her cave and a whirlpool (called Charybdis).
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