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    BrE BrE//ˈʃaʊə(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈʃaʊər//
    Babies, House equipment, Rain, Snow and ice
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  1. 1  a piece of equipment producing a spray of water that you stand under to wash yourself; the small room or part of a room that contains a shower a hotel room with bath and shower He's in the shower. a shower cubicle a shower curtain See related entries: House equipment, Rain
  2. 2  the act of washing yourself with a shower (especially British English) to have a shower (especially North American English) to take a shower shower gel
  3. 3  a short period of rain or snow scattered showers April showers We were caught in a heavy shower. snow showers wintry showers (= of snow) Wordfinderdownpour, drought, flash flood, monsoon, precipitation, puddle, rain, shelter, shower, squall See related entries: Rain, Snow and ice
  4. 4a large number of things that arrive or fall together a shower of leaves a shower of sparks from the fire a shower of kisses
  5. 5(North American English) a party at which you give presents to a woman who is getting married or having a baby a bridal/baby shower See related entries: Babies
  6. Word OriginOld English scūr ‘light fall of rain, hail, etc.’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schoer and German Schauer.Extra examples After the game, the boys hit the showers. He could hear the shower running in the bathroom. I got a shower invitation from Katie. I’ll just take a quick shower. Scattered showers during the afternoon will die out by late evening. Scattered showers will die out by late evening. The grinding wheel sent out a shower of sparks. The plans include changing facilities and shower blocks. They decided to brave the showers and headed for the coast. a baby shower for my sister A bridal shower is usually organized by the bridesmaids. A log in the fire broke and fell, sending out a shower of sparks. Despite occasional April showers, the tennis season started in great style yesterday. He pushed the couch so that it banged against the wall and released a shower of dust. He’s in the shower at the moment —can you call back later? Scattered wintry showers over western areas will become more widespread as the evening goes on. The white seeds drifted down in a slow shower against the blue sky. We got caught in a heavy shower. to take a shower
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