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    BrE BrE//ˈʃʌtə(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈʃʌtər//
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  1. 1[usually plural] one of a pair of wooden or metal covers that can be closed over the outside of a window to keep out light or protect the windows from damage to open/close the shutters They explored, throwing open the shutters in each of the big rooms. (British English, figurative) More than 70 000 shopkeepers have been forced to put up the shutters (= close down their businesses) in the past year.
  2. 2the part of a camera that opens to allow light to pass through the lens when you take a photograph the quiet click of the shutter
  3. Extra examples As the princess approached you could hear hundreds of camera shutters clicking. Daylight was filtering through the shutters when he woke up. He left the shutter open. He threw open the shutters to cool the room. I could feel the shutters coming down in her mind. She could be seen waiting for him behind half-closed shutters. The store had put up the shutters for the night. You will need a fast shutter speed for photographing sport. You will need a fast shutter speed to photograph racing. to press the shutter releaseIdioms
    bring/put down the shutters
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    to stop letting somebody know what your thoughts or feelings are; to stop letting yourself think about something He brought down the shutters on the image of the dying girl.

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