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; ˈsɪmələrli
1 in almost the same wayHusband and wife were similarly successful in their chosen careers.2 used to say that two facts, actions, statements, etc. are like each otherThe United States won most of the track and field events. Similarly, in swimming, the top three places went to Americans.
Usage noteUsage note: similarlyMaking comparisonsThis chart provides a comparison of the ways that teenage boys and girls in the UK spend their free time.In many cases, the results for boys and girls are virtually the same/identical.In many cases, the results for boys are virtually the same as/identical to the results for girls.Both boys and girls spend the bulk of their free time with friends.Most of the boys do more than two hours of sport a week, as do many of the girls.Like many of the girls, most of the boys spend a large part of their free time using the Internet.The girls particularly enjoy using social networking websites.Similarly, nearly all the boys said they spent at least two to three hours a week on these sites. Language Banks at contrast, illustrate, proportion, surprising
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