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BrE BrE//sneɪk//
; NAmE NAmE//sneɪk//
Amphibians and reptiles
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  •  a reptile with a very long thin body and no legs. There are many types of snake, some of which are poisonous. a snake coiled up in the grass Venomous snakes spit and hiss when they are cornered. See related entries: Amphibians and reptiles
  • Word OriginOld English snaca, of Germanic origin.Extra examples A small green snake slithered across the wet road. He had a live snake draped over his shoulders. He keeps a pet snake that he lavishes with affection. I came to realize that he’s just a snake in the grass. She was bitten by a snake while walking through long grass. The men sit like coiled snakes that are ready to strike. The snake lifted up its head before striking its prey. The snake wound its way through the undergrowth. one of the world’s deadliest snakesIdioms (disapproving) a person who pretends to be your friend but who cannot be trusted
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