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    BrE BrE//spred//
    ; NAmE NAmE//spred//
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  1. 1  [uncountable] an increase in the amount or number of something that there is, or in the area that is affected by something to prevent the spread of disease to encourage the spread of information Shut doors to delay the spread of fire. the spread of a city into the surrounding areas see also middle-age spread
  2. range/variety
  3. 2[countable, usually singular] a range or variety of people or things a broad spread of opinions There was a good spread of scores on the test.
  4. on bread
  5. 3[countable, uncountable] a soft food that you put on bread Use a low-fat spread instead of butter. cheese spread
  6. area covered
  7. 4[countable, usually singular] spread (of something) the area that something exists in or happens in The company has a good geographical spread of hotels in this country.
  8. 5[countable, usually singular] spread (of something) how wide something is or the area that something covers The bird's wings have a spread of nearly a metre.
  9. in newspaper/magazine
  10. 6[countable] an article or advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, especially one that covers two opposite pages The story continued with a double-page spread on the inside pages. see also centre spread
  11. meal
  12. 7[countable] (informal) a large meal, especially one that is prepared for a special occasion They had laid on a huge spread for the party.
  13. of land/water
  14. 8[countable, usually singular] spread (of something) (North American English) an area of land or water a vast spread of water They have a huge spread in California (= a large farm or ranch).
  15. finance
  16. 9[uncountable] the difference between two rates or prices
  17. on bed
  18. 10[countable] (North American English) = bedspread
  19. Word OriginOld English -sprǣdan (used in combinations), of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch spreiden and German spreiten.Extra examples Her work featured in a two-page spread in ‘New Woman’ magazine. Such unhygienic conditions encourage the spread of disease. The current survey will have a wider geographical spread. the spread of fire The questionnaire revealed a wide spread of opinions on the issues. They offered me some crackers with cheese spread. Try to have a broad spread of investments, rather than concentrating on one industry.
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