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    BrE BrE//skwɒd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//skwɑːd//
    [countable + singular or plural verb] The police
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  1. 1a section of a police force that deals with a particular type of crime the drugs/fraud, etc. squad see also flying squad See related entries: The police
  2. 2(in sport) a group of players, runners, etc. from which a team is chosen for a particular game or match the Olympic/national squad They still have not named their squad for the World Cup qualifier. the under-21 squad a 15-man squad
  3. 3a small group of soldiers working or being trained together see also firing squad
  4. 4a group of people who have a particular task see also death squad, hit squad
  5. Word Originmid 17th cent.: shortening of French escouade, variant of escadre, from Italian squadra ‘square’.Extra examples He is a one-man truth squad on the subject of intelligence. He sent a hit squad after the chief. He spent last season on the practice squad. He was led out at dawn to face a firing squad. He’s working in the drugs squad. It was almost his turn to go before the firing squad. Maria failed to make the Olympic squad. She was captain of the cheerleading squad. The serious crime squad have taken over the investigation. They started forming death squads. They were part of a 36-strong squad. They’ve got together a good squad for the World Cup. a fraud squad detective an early-morning raid by a police squad an elite combat squad A squad of soldiers had arrived to arrest him. Both teams have strengthened their squads for this season. He could face a firing squad if found guilty. He has named a squad of 16 from which to pick the side for the two one-day games. He wants to try out other members of the squad before he announces the final line-up. He was deputy head of the force’s serious crime squad. It’s a big step from the youth to the first team squad. People lived in fear of the regime’s notorious death squads. The business is being investigated by the fraud squad. The swimmer is currently training in the hope of qualifying for this year’s Olympic squad. the drugs/​vice/​anti-terrorist/​bomb/​riot/​fraud squad
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