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    BrE BrE//stæmp//
    ; NAmE NAmE//stæmp//
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    on letter/package
  1. 1  (formal postage stamp) [countable] a small piece of paper with a design on it that you buy and stick on an envelope or a package before you post it a 62p stamp Could I have three first-class stamps, please? He has been collecting stamps since he was eight. a stamp album The Post Office has issued a commemorative stamp to mark the event.
  2. printing tool
  3. 2   [countable] a tool for printing the date or a design or mark onto a surface a date stamp see also rubber stamp
  4. printed design/words
  5. 3  [countable] a design or words made by stamping something onto a surface The passports, with the visa stamps, were waiting at the embassy. (figurative) The project has the government's stamp of approval.
  6. proof of payment
  7. 4[countable] a small piece of paper with a design on it, stuck on a document to show that a particular amount of money has been paid a TV licence stamp
  8. character/quality
  9. 5[singular] stamp (of something) (formal) the mark or sign of a particular quality or person All his work bears the stamp of authority.
  10. 6[singular] (formal) a kind or class, especially of people men of a different stamp
  11. of foot
  12. 7[singular] an act or sound of stamping the foot The stamp of hoofs alerted Isabel.
  13. Word OriginMiddle English (in the sense ‘crush to a powder’): of Germanic origin; related to German stampfen ‘stamp with the foot’; reinforced by Old French estamper ‘to stamp’. Compare with stomp.Extra examples Do you collect stamps? Don’t forget to put a stamp on. His work bears the unmistakable stamp of genius. President Reagan left an indelible stamp on the nation. She left her stamp on the school. She stuck a first-class stamp on the letter. The Post Office has launched some new Christmas stamps. The software uses digital time stamps. The stamps were issued in 1863. These families receive food stamps to purchase food. a book of ten first-class stamps the stamp of authority He has a new chance to put his stamp on policy. The project has the government’s seal/​stamp of approval.
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