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    BrE BrE//ˈstɔːrɪdʒ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈstɔːrɪdʒ//
    [uncountable] Computer hardware
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  1. 1the process of keeping something in a particular place until it is needed; the space where things can be kept tables that fold flat for storage There's a lot of storage space in the loft. food storage facilities We need more storage now. see also cold storage
  2. 2(computing) the process of keeping information, etc. on a computer; the way it is kept the storage and retrieval of information data storage See related entries: Computer hardware
  3. 3the process of paying to keep furniture, etc. in a special building until you want it When we moved we had to put our furniture in storage for a while.
  4. Extra examples The cheese has a storage life of two months. The side rooms are used for storage. The strawberries are put into cold storage for several months. a handy storage compartment below the oven digital storage devices the available disk storage capacity the safe storage of nuclear weapons There’s lots of storage space in the attic.
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