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    BrE BrE//stɔː(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//stɔːr//
    Types of stores, Shopping in stores, Departments in stores, In the store
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  1. 1  [countable] a large shop that sells many different types of goods a big department store see also chain store, variety store Wordfinderassistant, buy, counter, display, fitting room, promotion, sale, shop, store, till Wordfinderappliances, cookware, fashion, furnishings, hardware, linen, lingerie, menswear, stationery, store See related entries: Types of stores, Shopping in stores, Departments in stores, In the store
  2. 2  [countable] (North American English) a shop, large or small a health food store a liquor store CollocationsShoppingShopping go/​go out/​be out shopping go to (especially British English) the shops/(especially North American English) a store/(especially North American English) the mall do (British English) the shopping/(especially North American English) the grocery shopping/​a bit of window-shopping (North American English, informal) hit/​hang out at the mall try on clothes/​shoes indulge in some retail therapy go on a spending spree cut/​cut back on/​reduce your spending be/​get caught shoplifting donate something to/​take something to/​find something in (British English) a charity shop/(North American English) a thrift store buy/​sell/​find something at (British English) a car boot sale/(British English) a jumble sale/​a garage sale/(North American English) a yard sale find/​get/​pick up a bargainAt the shop/​store load/​push/​wheel (British English) a trolley/(North American English) a cart stand in/​wait in (British English) the checkout queue/(North American English) the checkout line (North American English) stand in line/ (British English) queue at the checkout bag (especially North American English) (your) groceries pack (away) (especially British English) your shopping stack/​stock/​restock the shelves at a store (with something) be (found) on/​appear on supermarket/​shop/​store shelves be in/​have in/​be out of/​run out of stock deal with/​help/​serve customers run a special promotion be on special offerBuying goods make/​complete a purchase buy/​purchase something online/​by mail order make/​place/​take an order for something buy/​order something in bulk/​in advance accept/​take credit cards pay (in) cash/​by (credit/​debit) card/(British English) with a gift voucher/(North American English) with a gift certificate enter your PIN number ask for/​get/​obtain a receipt return/​exchange an item/​a product be entitled to/​ask for/​demand a refund compare prices offer (somebody)/give (somebody)/get/​receive a 30% discount see also consignment shop, convenience store, general store, package store See related entries: Types of stores
  3. 3[countable] a quantity or supply of something that you have and use her secret store of chocolate a vast store of knowledge
  4. 4[plural] stores goods of a particular kind or for a particular purpose medical stores
  5. 5[countable] (also stores) a place where goods of a particular kind are kept a grain store weapons stores
  6. Word OriginMiddle English: shortening of Old French estore (noun), estorer (verb), from Latin instaurare ‘renew’; compare with restore.Extra examples Buying store brands certainly works out cheaper. Ralph Lauren’s flagship store on Madison Avenue The company operates four stores in Maryland. The company plans to open two new stores in Dublin. The grain store holds several thousand tonnes. The new book has been flying off store shelves. The novel will hit stores in January. The store offers a comprehensive line of auto parts. We’re using the shed as a temporary store for all our stuff. You can buy music from an online store. You’ll find a ladder in the equipment store. your body’s fat stores Ask at your local hardware store. He looked around for a liquor store. I’m going to the store. Stores of blood sugar are metabolized to produce energy. The chain has endured another terrible month at its high-street stores. The mill ceased operations in 1940 and was used as a grain store. The soldiers were charged with guarding the weapons stores. These small towns are dominated by chain stores. They had trouble keeping rats out of the food stores. This is vital information to add to your store of knowledge. You should be able to get it in any good health food store. a department store a general store. a health food/​liquor store grain/​food/​weapons storesIdioms
    hit the streets, hit the shops/stores
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    (informal) to become widely available for sale The new magazine hits the streets tomorrow.
    in store (for somebody)
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    waiting to happen to somebody We don't know what life holds in store for us. If she had known what lay in store for her, she would never have agreed to go. They think it'll be easy but they have a surprise in store.
    mind the shop (British English) (North American English mind the store)
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    to be in charge of something for a short time while somebody is away Who's minding the shop while the boss is abroad?
    set/put (great, etc.) store by something
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    to consider something to be important She sets great store by her appearance. It is unwise to put too much store by these statistics.
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