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    BrE BrE//straɪk//
    ; NAmE NAmE//straɪk//
    Baseball, Pay and conditions at work
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    of workers
  1. 1  a period of time when an organized group of employees of a company stops working because of a disagreement over pay or conditions the train drivers’ strike a strike by teachers an unofficial/a one-day strike Air traffic controllers are threatening to come out on/go on strike. Half the workforce are now (out) on strike. The train drivers have voted to take strike action. The student union has called for a rent strike (= a refusal to pay rent as a protest). see also general strike, hunger strike See related entries: Pay and conditions at work
  2. attack
  3. 2  a military attack, especially by aircraft dropping bombs an air strike They decided to launch a pre-emptive strike.
  4. hitting/kicking
  5. 3[usually singular] an act of hitting or kicking something/somebody His spectacular strike in the second half made the score 2–0. see also bird strike, lightning
  6. in baseball
  7. 4an unsuccessful attempt to hit the ball See related entries: Baseball
  8. in bowling
  9. 5a situation in tenpin bowling when a player knocks down all the pins with the first ball
  10. discovery of oil
  11. 6[usually singular] a sudden discovery of something valuable, especially oil
  12. bad thing/action
  13. 7(North American English) strike (against somebody/something) a bad thing or action that damages somebody/something’s reputation The amount of fuel that this car uses is a big strike against it.
  14. Word OriginOld English strīcan ‘go, flow’ and ‘rub lightly’, of West Germanic origin; related to German streichen ‘to stroke’, also to stroke. The sense ‘deliver a blow’ dates from Middle English.Extra examples A general strike brought the country to a standstill. Both unions have pledged to ballot for strike action unless hours are cut. He called all the workers out on strike. Miners staged a one-day strike in support of the steel workers. More train strikes are threatened. Prison officers are threatening to take strike action. The New York transit strike is in its second day. The aircraft carried out a pre-emptive strike against bases in the north. The army was used to help break the strike. The house was damaged in an air strike. The new government banned strikes. The shipyard voted to launch a sympathy strike in support of the machinists. The strike paralysed the port. The strike soon spread to other cities. The suppression of the strike led to sympathy strikes in other industries. The union leaders called a strike. There was a continual police presence during the strike. Unofficial action accounted for 40% of the days lost through strikes last year. a series of lightning strikes in parts of the coal industry a strike against poor conditions a strike against the employment of non-union labour a strike by air traffic controllers a strike by tax collectors a strike for a ten-hour day a strike in protest at the government’s economic policies a strike over pay The effects of the air strikes had been devastating. They launched a pre-emptive strike.Idioms
    three strikes and you’re out, the three strikes rule
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    used to describe a law which says that people who commit three crimes will automatically go to prison From baseball, in which a batter who misses the ball three times is out.
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