Definition of stump verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


; stʌmp
1 [transitive, usually passive] stump somebody (informal) to ask somebody a question that is too difficult for them to answer or give them a problem that they cannot solve
I'm stumped. I don't know how they got here before us.Farmers are aware of the problem but are stumped by what to do about it.Kate was stumped for words(= unable to answer).
2 [intransitive] + adverb/preposition to walk in a noisy, heavy way, especially because you are angry or upset
He stumped off, muttering under his breath.
3 [intransitive, transitive] + adverb/preposition| stump something (North American English) to travel around making political speeches, especially before an electionHe stumped around the country trying to build up support.4 [transitive] stump somebody (in cricket) to put a batsman out of the game by touching the stumps with the ball when he or she is out of the area in which the ball can be hit
Phrasal verbs

stump up (for something)


stump up something (for something)

(British English, informal) to pay money for something
cough up
We were asked to stump up for the repairs.Who is going to stump up the extra money?