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    BrE BrE//ˈstjuːpɪd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈstuːpɪd//
    (stupider, stupidest) more stupid and most stupid are also common Stupid
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  1. 1  showing a lack of thought or good judgement synonym foolish, silly a stupid mistake It was a pretty stupid thing to do. I was stupid enough to believe him. It was stupid of you to get involved. See related entries: Stupid
  2. 2  (disapproving) (of a person) slow to learn or understand things; not clever or intelligent He'll manage—he isn't stupid. Forgetting my notes made me look stupid. She always makes me feel really stupid.
  3. 3[only before noun] (informal) used to emphasize that you are annoyed with somebody/something I can't get the stupid thing open! Get your stupid feet off the chair!
  4. Word Originmid 16th cent.: from French stupide or Latin stupidus, from stupere ‘be amazed or stunned’.Extra examples He’s stupid enough to believe anything. I decided it was best to act stupid. I felt really stupid when I realized what had happened. I’m not entirely stupid. I checked the train times before we came out. My sister made me look stupid in front of all my friends. She’s too stupid to realize that she’d be happier without him. Success has made him stupid. That was just plain stupid! The situation is getting stupid. a crassly stupid thing to do Don’t be so stupid. He’ll be OK—he’s not stupid. Her teachers thought she was stupid, but in fact she couldn’t hear properly. I felt completely stupid. I think he’s the stupidest person I’ve ever met. I’ve made a stupid mistake. It was stupid of you to get involved. What are you talking about, you stupid man? You stupid idiot! Put that gun down!
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