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    BrE BrE//ˈsuːtɪd//
    , also BrE//ˈsjuːtɪd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈsuːtɪd//
    [not before noun]
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  1. 1  right or appropriate for somebody/something suited (to somebody/something) She was ideally suited to the part of Eva Peron. This diet is suited to anyone who wants to lose weight fast. This was a job to which he seemed well suited. suited (for somebody/something) He is not really suited for a teaching career. opposite unsuited
  2. 2  if two people are suited or well suited, they are likely to make a good couple Jo and I are very well suited. They were not suited to one another. opposite unsuited
  3. 3wearing a suit, or a suit of the type mentioned sober-suited city businessmen
  4. Extra examples Is this a job for which you are genuinely suited? She was ideally suited to the job. a song ill suited to male voices an approach especially suited to the adult learner land that is well suited to dairy farmingIdioms
    suited and booted (British English, informal)
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    dressed in very smart clothes and shoes I watch a large wedding party in the hotel, the men suited and booted and the women in their best party frocks.
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