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    BrE BrE//suːˌpɪəriˈɒrəti//
    , BrE//sjuːˌpɪəriˈɒrəti//
    ; NAmE NAmE//suːˌpɪriˈɔːrəti//
    , NAmE//suːˌpɪriˈɑːrəti//
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  1. 1superiority (in something) | superiority (to/over something/somebody) the state or quality of being better, more skilful, more powerful, greater, etc. than others the superiority of this operating system to have naval/air superiority (= more ships/planes than the enemy)
  2. 2behaviour that shows that you think you are better than other people an air of superiority opposite inferiority
  3. Extra examples Driving the Jaguar gave him a feeling of effortless superiority. For a long time France enjoyed overwhelming superiority in this field. He spoke with an air of superiority. The settlers remained convinced of their superiority to the native population. The use of the words ‘modern’ and ‘old’ is not meant to imply the superiority of one over the other. Their team has had to acknowledge Australia’s superiority in recent years. We should make use of our superiority in numbers. a discredited ideology of racial superiority his air of male superiority the company’s clear technological superiority over its rivals the enemy’s attempts to establish air superiority the perception that they have a superiority complex
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