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the best-known hero of US comic books (= magazines with drawings in a sequence that tells a story). He was created by the writer Jerry Siegel and the artist Joseph Shuster, and first appeared in 1938 in Action Comics. The character began in newspapers a year later and has been used for novels, radio and television programmes and several films, including four with Christopher Reeve (the first of them in 1978). Superman has special powers, including great strength and the ability to fly. He uses these powers to fight evil and danger. He only appears when he is needed. For the rest of the time he is Clark Kent, a rather dull and timid journalist. His girlfriend is Lois Lane but she is in love with Superman, not knowing his other identity. One of Superman's regular enemies is Lex Luther. The only thing that can harm Superman is a green mineral called kryptonite which makes him lose all his powers. note at comics and comic strips

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