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    BrE BrE//səˈpɔːt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//səˈpɔːrt//
    Medical equipment, Live music
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  1. 1  [uncountable] support (for something) encouragement and help that you give to somebody/something because you approve of them and want them to be successful There is strong public support for the change. Can I rely on your support (= will you vote for me) in the election? Only a few people spoke in support of the proposal. Local businesses have provided financial support. She has no visible means of support (= no work, income etc.). The idea has met with widespread support.
  2. help
  3. 2  [uncountable] sympathy and help that you give to somebody who is in a difficult or unhappy situation Her family and friends have given her lots of support. Thanks for all your support on the day of the funeral. see also moral support
  4. holding in position
  5. 3  [countable] a thing that holds something and prevents it from falling The supports under the bridge were starting to bend. (figurative) When my father died, Jim was a real support.
  6. 4  [uncountable] the act of holding something firmly in position or preventing it from falling I wrapped a bandage around my ankle to give it some support. She held on to his arm for support.
  7. 5  [countable] something you wear to hold an injured or weak part of your body firmly in position a knee/back support See related entries: Medical equipment
  8. proof
  9. 6  [uncountable] evidence that helps to show that something is true or correct The statistics offer further support for our theory.
  10. pop/rock concert
  11. 7[uncountable] a band or singer who performs in a pop or rock concert before the main performer The support (act) has yet to be confirmed. See related entries: Live music
  12. technical help
  13. 8[uncountable] technical help that a company gives to customers using their computers or other products We offer free technical support.
  14. Word OriginMiddle English (originally in the sense ‘tolerate’): from Old French supporter, from Latin supportare, from sub- ‘from below’ + portare ‘carry’.Extra examples Campaigners have enlisted the support of their local MP. Can I count on your support? Families earning below a certain amount can claim child support. Farmers mobilized considerable support against government plans to remove import restrictions. Fears that instability would return gave the government a broad base of support. Fears that instability would return under the Democrats gave the government a broad base of support. He had no support base within the party. He held onto his wife for support as he left the hospital. He’s on life support at the moment. I wish to acknowledge the support of my family during the writing of this book. Many TV celebrities have already pledged their support to the appeal. My idea only received lukewarm support from my colleagues. She threw her full support behind him. She took her sister with her to the interview for moral support. She will need a lot of emotional support at this difficult time. Support came from all sections of the community. Support for the Liberals has risen to 30 per cent. The candidate enjoys the firm support of local industry. The government has lost majority support in the Assembly. The government is trying to build popular support for an unwinnable war. The parents of the sufferers get together for mutual support. The party wishes to broaden its support among professionals. The piece of wood under the mattress is to give my back extra support. The pipeline is to be built with international support. The plan received strong support from farmers. The policy has broad support from industry. The poll revealed massive support for the proposal. The president has expressed his support for the project. The proposal has the personal support of the president. The rebel leader claimed to have received expressions of support from all the neighbouring countries. The rebel leader received expressions of support from all quarters. They are now throwing their support to the other candidate. They turned off her life-support machine. We would like to thank Ana for her unwavering support over the years. Which groups does the party draw most of its support from? a local support group for single parents a price support mechanism an intense campaign in support of the proposal mutual support between local cooperatives one of the first scientists to come out in support of ‘The Origin of Species’ organizations that provide support and advice to small businesses people who need long-term support at home the company’s generous financial support of the arts After the accident my parents were a great support. Can I rely on your support in the election? Engineers discovered cracks in two of the supports. Friends came to the lecture to give me moral support. He needed constant emotional support. Local businesses have provided financial support. She has no visible means of support. There was some structural damage to the support. This suggestion lacks convincing experimental support. We’ll need to give her lots of support when she comes out of hospital.
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