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BrE BrE//sɜːf//
; NAmE NAmE//sɜːrf//
Coastlines and the sea, Water sports
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[uncountable] large waves in the sea or ocean, and the white foam that they produce as they fall on the beach, on rocks, etc. the sound of surf breaking on the beach Sydney, surf capital of the world (= where the sport of surfing is very popular) Wordfinderbeach, coast, harbour, pier, sandbank, sea, shoreline, surf, tide, wave See related entries: Coastlines and the sea, Water sports Word Originlate 17th cent.: apparently from obsolete suff, of unknown origin, perhaps influenced by the spelling of surge.Extra examples The children splashed around in the surf. dolphins riding the surf the roar of distant surf The sea lions lie near the breaking surf off the beaches. They listened to the surf as it broke on the beach. They say that Sydney is the surf capital of the world.
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