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    BrE BrE//swiːt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//swiːt//
    Sweets and desserts, Types of meal
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  1. 1   [countable] (British English) a small piece of sweet food, usually made with sugar and/or chocolate and eaten between meals synonym candy a packet of boiled sweets a sweet shop I was sucking a boiled sweet. See related entries: Sweets and desserts
  2. 2 [countable, uncountable] (British English) a sweet dish eaten at the end of a meal synonym afters, dessert, pudding I haven't made a sweet today. Would you like some more sweet? See related entries: Sweets and desserts, Types of meal
  3. person
  4. 3[uncountable] (old-fashioned) a way of addressing somebody that you like or love Don't you worry, my sweet.
  5. Word OriginOld English swēte, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zoet, German süss, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin suavis and Greek hēdus.
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