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    BrE BrE//swaɪn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//swaɪn//
    (pl. swines, swine)
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  1. 1[countable] (informal) an unpleasant person He's an arrogant little swine!
  2. 2[countable] (British English, informal) a difficult or unpleasant thing or task The car can be a swine to start.
  3. 3swine [plural] (old use or specialist) pigs a herd of swine swine fever (= a disease of pigs)
  4. Word OriginOld English swīn, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zwijn and German Schwein, also to sow2.Idioms
    cast, throw, etc. pearls before swine
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    to give or offer valuable things to people who do not understand their value
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