Definition of sword noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


; sɔːrd
a weapon with a long metal blade and a handle
to draw/sheathe a sword(= to take it out/put it into its cover)

put somebody to the sword

(old-fashioned or literary) to kill somebody with a sword

a/the sword of Damocles

(literary) a bad or unpleasant thing that might happen to you at any time and that makes you feel worried or frightened From the legend in which Damocles had to sit at a meal at the court of Dionysius with a sword hanging by a single hair above his head. He had praised Dionysius' happiness, and Dionysius wanted him to understand how quickly happiness can be lost.

turn swords into ploughshares

(literary) to stop fighting and return to peaceful activities
more at cross swords at cross v., be a double-edged sword/weapon at double-edged, the pen is mightier than the sword at pen n.