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BrE BrE//tɪndʒ//
; NAmE NAmE//tɪndʒ//
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[usually singular] a small amount of a colour, feeling or quality to feel a tinge of envy There was a faint pink tinge to the sky. Synonymscolourshade hue tint tingeThese words all describe the appearance of things, resulting from the way in which they reflect light.colour/​color the appearance that things have, resulting from the way in which they reflect light. Red, green and blue are colours: What’s your favourite colour?bright/​dark/​light coloursshade a particular form of a colour, especially when describing how light or dark it is. Sky blue is a shade of blue.hue (literary or technical) a colour or a particular shade of a colour: His face took on an unhealthy, whitish hue.tint a shade or small amount of a particular colour; a faint colour covering a surface: leaves with red and gold autumn tintstinge a small amount of a colour: There was a pink tinge to the sky.tint or tinge? You can say : a reddish tint/​tinge or: a tinge of red but not: a tint of red. Tint is often used in the plural, but tinge is almost always singular.Patterns a warm/​rich colour/​shade/​hue/​tint a bright/​vivid/​vibrant/​dark/​deep colour/​shade/​hue a pale/​pastel/​soft/​subtle/​delicate colour/​shade/​hue a light/​strong/​neutral/​natural colour/​shade Word Originlate 15th cent.: from Latin tingere ‘to dip or colour’. The noun dates from the mid 18th cent.Extra examples The sky had a slight pink tinge to it. a slight reddish tinge a tinge of regret blue with a slight tinge of purple He felt a tinge of sadness as the train began to pull away.
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