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    BrE BrE//ˈtaɪtl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈtaɪtl//
    Legal documents, Parts of a book
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  1. 1  [countable] the name of a book, poem, painting, piece of music, etc. His poems were published under the title of ‘Love and Reason’. the title track from their latest CD (= the song with the same title as the disc) She has sung the title role in ‘Carmen’ (= the role of Carmen in that opera). Wordfinderbiography, blockbuster, book, character, editor, narrator, novel, plot, publish, title See related entries: Parts of a book
  2. 2[countable] a particular book or magazine The company publishes twenty new titles a year.
  3. 3  [countable] a word in front of a person’s name to show their rank or profession, whether or not they are married, etc. The present duke inherited the title from his father. Give your name and title (= Mr, Miss, Ms, Dr, etc.). More Aboutnames and titlesNames Your name is either your whole name or one part of your name:My name is Maria. His name is Tom Smith. Your last name or family name (also called surname in British English) is the name that all members of your family share. Your first name/​names (formal forename) is/​are the name(s) your parents gave you when you were born. In British English some people use the expression Christian name(s) to refer to a person’s first name(s). Your middle name(s) is/​are any name your parents gave you other than the one that is placed first. The initial of this name is often used as part of your name, especially in America:John T. Harvey Your full name is all your names, usually in the order: first + middle + last name A woman’s maiden name is the family name she had before she got married. Some women keep this name after they are married and do not use their husband’s name. In North America, married women often use their maiden name followed by their husband’s family name:Hillary Rodham Clinton.Titles Mr (for both married and unmarried men) Mrs (for married women) Miss (for unmarried women) Ms (a title that some women prefer to use as it does not distinguish between married and unmarried women) Doctor, Professor, President, Vice-President, Reverend (or Rev), etc.The correct way to talk to someone is: first name, if you know them well:Hello, Maria. or title + surname:Hello, Mr Brown. or Doctor (medical), Professor, etc. on its own:Thank you, Doctor. This is only used for a very limited number of titles.
  4. 4  [countable] a name that describes a job The official title of the job is ‘Administrative Assistant’.
  5. 5[countable] the position of being the winner of a competition, especially a sports competition the world heavyweight title a title fight (= in boxing) She has three world titles.
  6. 6[uncountable, countable] title (to something/to do something) (law) the legal right to own something, especially land or property; the document that shows you have this right He claims he has title to the land. See related entries: Legal documents
  7. Word OriginOld English titul, reinforced by Old French title, both from Latin titulus ‘inscription, title’. The word originally denoted a placard or inscription placed on an object, giving information about it, hence a descriptive heading in a book or other composition.Extra examples ‘Minister’ is one of several diplomatic titles. ‘Mrs’ was a courtesy title for any unmarried woman in business at that time. ‘Take me’, the title track of his latest album 40% of new titles were actually new editions of existing books. Bessie Smith earned the title ‘Empress of the Blues’. Count Victor Oldenburg and Hess, to give him his full title Deportivo clinched the title with a goal in the final seconds of the last game of the season. Dodge was the title sponsor of the Darlington race. He has been building up fitness for his world title challenge. He held the world heavyweight title until last year. He played the title role in ‘Hamlet’. He was given the title of ‘wise man’. His job title is Special Projects Officer. She bears the grand title ‘Divisional President of the Finances Committee’. She bears the grand title ‘Divisional President’. She has a title. She published her poetry under the title ‘Homecoming’. She published her poetry under the title ‘The Land and the Garden’. She sang the title role in ‘Carmen’. Sony has released six new game titles. Suzuki won seven consecutive batting titles in Japan’s Pacific League. The company is publishing fewer titles than last year. The justices are accorded the courtesy title ‘Lord’. The king bestowed lands and titles upon his followers. the opening title sequence of the movie Give your name and title. He hopes to meet the winner of the world middleweight title fight. He’s a leading contender for the European title. He’s ready to challenge for the world heavyweight title. She’ll be defending her title at this week’s French Open. She’s hoping to win her third Olympic title. She’s the Northern Ireland 400 metres title holder. They won 5–1 in the final to retain the title. Who holds the title deed? the title track from their latest CD
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