Definition of tooth noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



; tuːθ
plural teeth
; tiːθ
1 any of the hard white structures in the mouth used for biting and chewing foodI've just had a tooth out at the dentist' brush/clean your teethtooth decayShe answered through clenched teeth(= opening her mouth only a little because of anger).The cat sank its teeth into his finger. see also buck teeth, false teeth, milk tooth, wisdom tooth2 a narrow pointed part that sticks out of an objectthe teeth on a sawThe teeth of the cog should fit into these grooves. see also fine-tooth comb

cut your teeth on something

to do something that gives you your first experience of a particular type of work
She cut her teeth on local radio.

cut a tooth

(of a baby) to grow a new tooth

get your teeth into something

(informal) to put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into something that is difficult enough to keep you interestedChoose an essay topic that you can really get your teeth into.

have teeth

(British English, informal) (of an organization, a law, etc.) to be powerful and effective

in the teeth of something

1 despite problems, opposition, etcThe new policy was adopted in the teeth of fierce criticism.2 in the direction that a strong wind is coming fromThey crossed the bay in the teeth of a howling gale.

set somebody's teeth on edge

(of a sound or taste) to make somebody feel physically uncomfortableJust the sound of her voice sets my teeth on edge.
more at armed to the teeth at armed v., bare your teeth at bare v., get the bit between your teeth at bit, an eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth) at eye n., give your eye teeth for something at eye teeth, fight tooth and nail at fight v., gnash your teeth at gnash, grit your teeth at grit v., Hell's teeth at hell, kick somebody in the teeth at kick v., a kick in the teeth at kick n., lie through your teeth at lie2 v., long in the tooth at long adjective, red in tooth and claw at red adjective
by the skin of your teeth at skin n.
, have a sweet tooth at sweet adjective
Usage noteUsage note: Physical appearanceA person may be described as having:Eyes(bright) blue/green/(dark/light) brown/hazel eyesdeep-set/sunken/bulging/protruding eyessmall/beady/sparkling/twinkling/(informal) shifty eyespiercing/penetrating/steely eyesbloodshot/watery/puffy eyesbushy/thick/dark/raised/arched eyebrowslong/dark/thick/curly/false eyelashes/lashesFacea flat/bulbous/pointed/sharp/snub nosea straight/a hooked/a Roman/(formal) an aquiline nosefull/thick/thin/pouty lipsdry/chapped/cracked lipsflushed/rosy/red/ruddy/pale cheekssoft/chubby/sunken cheekswhite/perfect/crooked/protruding teetha large/high/broad/wide/sloping foreheada strong/weak/pointed/double china long/full/bushy/wispy/goatee bearda long/thin/bushy/droopy/handlebar/pencil moustache/(especially US) mustacheHair and skinpale/fair/olive/dark/tanned skindry/oily/smooth/rough/leathery/wrinkled skina dark/pale/light/sallow/ruddy/olive/swarthy/clear complexiondeep/fine/little/facial wrinklesblonde/blond/fair/(light/dark) brown/(jet-)black/auburn/red/(British English) ginger/grey hairstraight/curly/wavy/frizzy/spiky hairthick/thin/fine/bushy/thinning hairdyed/bleached/soft/silky/dry/greasy/shiny hairlong/short/shoulder-length/cropped haira bald/balding/shaved heada receding hairlinea bald patch/spota side/centre/(US) center (British English) parting/(North American English) partBodya long/short/thick/slender/(disapproving) scrawny neckbroad/narrow/sloping/rounded/hunched shouldersa bare/broad/muscular/small/large chesta flat/swollen/bulging stomacha small/tiny/narrow/slim/slender/28-inch waistbig/wide/narrow/slim hipsa straight/bent/arched/broad/hairy backthin/slender/muscular armsbig/large/small/manicured/calloused/gloved handslong/short/fat/slender/delicate/bony fingerslong/muscular/hairy/shapely/(both informal, often disapproving) skinny/spindly legsmuscular/chubby/(informal, disapproving) flabby thighsbig/little/small/dainty/wide/narrow/bare feeta good/a slim/a slender/an hourglass figurebe of slim/medium/average/large/athletic/stocky build