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BrE BrE//ˈtɒpɪk//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈtɑːpɪk//
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  • a subject that you talk, write or learn about The main topic of conversation was Tom's new girlfriend. The article covered a wide range of topics. The topic for tonight’s discussion is…
  • Word Originlate 15th cent. (originally denoting a set or book of general rules or ideas): from Latin topica, from Greek ta topika, literally ‘matters concerning commonplaces’ (the title of a written work by Aristotle), from topos ‘a place’.Extra examples His main topic of conversation is football. I did my best to change the topic= of conversation. In the next chapter the writer focuses on the topic of adoption. It might be better to avoid such a controversial topic. Mr Graham will speak on the topic of dog breeding. Our teaching is based largely on topic work. Pensions are a hot topic at the moment. She was an excellent speaker, but I found her choice of topic strange. The book covers such diverse topics as diving and first aid. There will be workshops on four main topic areas. This topic comes up every year. We discussed topics ranging from foreign policy to economics. articles on religious art and related topics the topic for discussion The main topic of conversation was Tom’s new girlfriend. The topic for tonight’s discussion is…Idioms not appropriate or relevant to the situation That comment is completely off topic. He keeps veering off topic. appropriate or relevant to the situation Keep the text short and on topic. Let's get back on topic.
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