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    BrE BrE//ˈtɔːtʃuəs//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈtɔːrtʃuəs//
    [usually before noun] (formal)
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  1. 1(usually disapproving) not simple and direct; long, complicated and difficult to understand synonym convoluted tortuous language the long, tortuous process of negotiating peace
  2. 2(of a road, path, etc.) full of bends synonym winding a tortuous mountain track
  3. Word Originlate Middle English: via Old French from Latin tortuosus, from tortus ‘twisting, a twist’, from Latin torquere ‘to twist’.Extra examples Her explanation was somewhat tortuous. We went by a rather tortuous route. Do they actually understand all the tortuous laws and regulations they have to administer? the long, tortuous process of negotiating peace in the region
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