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    BrE BrE//trəˈdɪʃənl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//trəˈdɪʃənl//
    Architectural styles
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  1. 1  being part of the beliefs, customs or way of life of a particular group of people, that have not changed for a long time traditional dress It's traditional in America to eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. traditional values
  2. 2  (sometimes disapproving) following older methods and ideas rather than modern or different ones synonym conventional traditional methods of teaching Their marriage is very traditional. See related entries: Architectural styles
  3. Extra examples a bold but essentially traditional design Candidates may use traditional book format dictionaries or electronic ones. Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish. I’m a very traditional guy. It’s traditional in America to eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Many teachers were rejecting traditional approaches to learning. Most of the buildings are in the traditional style. She had a very traditional ambition: to marry her childhood sweetheart. The artists wanted to break with traditional conventions. The band plays traditional Celtic music. They watched the Emperor perform the traditional ceremonies. Traditional attitudes to divorce were changing.
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