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    BrE BrE//trʌk//
    ; NAmE NAmE//trʌk//
    Trains, Types of vehicle
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  1. 1   (especially North American English) (British English also lorry) a large vehicle for carrying heavy loads by road a truck driver CollocationsDrivingHaving a car have/​own/(British English) run a car ride a motorcycle/​motorbike drive/​prefer/​use an automatic/​a manual/(North American English, informal) a stick shift have/​get your car serviced/​fixed/​repaired buy/​sell a used car/(especially British English) a second-hand car take/​pass/​fail a (British English) driving test/(both North American English) driver’s test/​road test get/​obtain/​have/​lose/​carry a/​your (British English) driving licence/(North American English) driver’s licenseDriving put on/​fasten/(North American English) buckle/​wear/​undo your seat belt/​safety belt put/​turn/​leave the key in the ignition start the car/​engine (British English) change/(North American English) shift/​put something into gear press/​put your foot on the brake pedal/​clutch/​accelerator release the clutch/(especially British English) the handbrake/(both North American English) the emergency brake/​the parking brake drive/​park/​reverse the car (British English) indicate left/​right (especially North American English) signal that you are turning left/​right take/​miss (British English) the turning/(especially North American English) the turn apply/​hit/​slam on the brake(s) beep/​honk/(especially British English) toot/(British English) sound your hornProblems and accidents a car skids/​crashes (into something)/collides (with something) swerve to avoid an oncoming car/​a pedestrian crash/​lose control of the car have/​be in/​be killed in/​survive a car crash/​a car accident/(North American English) a car wreck/​a hit-and-run be run over/​knocked down by a car/​bus/​truck dent/​hit (British English) the bonnet/(North American English) the hood break/​crack/​shatter (British English) the windscreen/(North American English) the windshield blow/(especially British English) burst/​puncture (British English) a tyre/(North American English) a tire get/​have (British English) a flat tyre/​a flat tire/​a puncture inflate/​change/​fit/​replace/​check a tyre/​tire Traffic and driving regulations be caught in/​get stuck in/​sit in a traffic jam cause congestion/​tailbacks/​traffic jams/​gridlock experience/​face lengthy delays beat/​avoid the traffic/​the rush hour break/​observe/(North American English) drive the speed limit be caught on (British English) a speed camera stop somebody for/​pull somebody over for/(British English, informal) be done for speeding (both informal) run/(British English) jump a red light/​the lights be arrested for/​charged with (British English) drink-driving/(both US English) driving under the influence (DUI)/driving while intoxicated (DWI) be banned/(British English) disqualified from driving See related entries: Types of vehicle
  2. 2   (British English) (North American English car) an open railway vehicle for carrying goods or animals a cattle truck See related entries: Trains
  3. 3   a vehicle that is open at the back, used for carrying goods, soldiers, animals, etc. a delivery/garbage/farm truck
  4. 4   a vehicle for carrying things, that is pulled or pushed by hand
  5. see also forklift truck, pickup truck, salt truck
    Word OriginMiddle English (denoting a solid wooden wheel): perhaps short for truckle in the sense ‘wheel, pulley’. The sense ‘wheeled vehicle’ dates from the late 18th cent.Extra examples A convoy of heavy trucks rumbled past. Behind them, the fuel truck exploded. She heard the truck parking in front of the building. Zach was playing with a toy truck on the floor. a monster truck rally a truck carrying sacks of vegetables a truck load of grain sales of cars and light trucks A tanker truck filled with gas exploded on the highway. An ammunition truck exploded just yards from the station. He was driving a dump truck loaded with gravel. The bus crashed into a truck loaded with timber. The only way of getting out of the city was in a cattle truck. The soldiers were travelling in the back of the truck. The truck came loose from the engine and began to roll backwards. a cattle/​coal truckIdioms
    have/want no truck with somebody/something
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    to refuse to deal with somebody; to refuse to accept or consider something We in this party will have no truck with illegal organizations.
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