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    BrE BrE//tʌk//
    ; NAmE NAmE//tʌk//
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  1. 1[countable] a fold that is sewn into a piece of clothing or cloth, either for decoration or to change the shape of it We could take a tuck in the waist to give it a more fitted look.
  2. 2[countable] (informal) a medical operation in which skin and/or fat is removed to make somebody look younger or thinner a tummy tuck See related entries: Operations
  3. 3[uncountable] (old-fashioned, British English, informal) food, especially sweets, etc. eaten by children at school a tuck shop
  4. Word OriginOld English tūcian ‘to punish, ill-treat’: of West Germanic origin; related to tug. Influenced in Middle English by Middle Dutch tucken ‘pull sharply’.
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