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    BrE BrE//ˈvɪzɪt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈvɪzɪt//
    Using the Internet, Websites
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  1. 1  visit (to somebody/something) (from somebody) an occasion or a period of time when somebody goes to see a place or person and spends time there It's my first visit to New York. They're on an exchange visit to France. If you have time, pay a visit to the local museum. We had a visit from the police last night. Is this a social visit, or is it business? a visit to the doctor (British English) a home visit (= when your doctor visits you) see also flying visit
  2. 2  (computing) an occasion when somebody looks at a website on the Internet Visits to our website have doubled in a year. See related entries: Using the Internet, Websites
  3. 3  visit (with somebody) (North American English, informal) an occasion when two or more people meet to talk in an informal way
  4. Word OriginMiddle English: from Old French visiter or Latin visitare ‘go to see’, frequentative of visare ‘to view’, from videre ‘to see’.Extra examples Following her letter of complaint, she received a personal visit from the store manager. He offered her a drink to try to prolong her visit. He thought back to his visit with the doctor. He was forced to cut short a visit to North America. How many doctors are still able to make home visits? I think it’s time we paid him a little visit. I’d been looking forward to my cousin’s visit for ages. If you’re staying in Rome, Ostia is well worth a visit. On one of her regular visits home, she told her parents she was engaged. Pay us a visit next time you’re in town. She enjoyed the frequent visits of her grandchildren. The President has been briefed in preparation for his forthcoming visit to Russia. The visit signalled the normalization of relations between the two countries. They came here last week, and we’ll pay them a return visit in the summer. We had a visit from somebody collecting for charity. We received a letter announcing a visit from government inspectors. We used to go on school visits to museums and historical buildings. While on holiday in Italy, the prime minister paid a courtesy visit to his opposite number in Rome. You should receive a home visit from your midwife within a month. a visit to the dentist Allow three hours for your visit. Enjoy your visit! Is this a social visit or are you here on business? Is this your first visit to New York? She was making one of her frequent visits to London. The inspectors paid a surprise visit to the factory. The president made a flying visit to the festival. The prime minister is on an official visit to Jamaica. They received a visit from the party leader. We had to cut short our visit and fly home.
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