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(also Wembley Stadium)
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a famous sports stadium in the district of north-west London of the same name. It first opened in 1923 and was considered to be England's national sports stadium. It closed in 2000 to allow for a new Wembley National Stadium to be built on the same site. It opened in 2007. One of the important sporting events held at Wembley is the football FA Cup Final, which takes place every year. The Olympic Games were held there in 1948 and England's national football team plays its home games there. Important Rugby League and hockey matches are also played at Wembley. Next to the stadium, a separate building, the Wembley Arena is used for rock concerts, shows (especially on ice) and sports events, especially competitions in showjumping (= the sport of riding horses over difficult barriers). The original name for the Wembley Arena was the Empire Pool as it contained a big swimming pool.