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    BrE BrE//waɪld//
    ; NAmE NAmE//waɪld//
    (wilder, wildest)
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  1. 1  living or growing in natural conditions; not kept in a house or on a farm wild animals/flowers a wild rabbit wild strawberries The plants grow wild along the banks of rivers.
  2. scenery/land
  3. 2  in its natural state; not changed by people wild moorland The island is a wild and lonely place.
  4. out of control
  5. 3  lacking discipline or control The boy is wild and completely out of control. He had a wild look in his eyes. wild mood swings
  6. feelings
  7. 4  full of very strong feeling wild laughter The crowd went wild. It makes me wild (= very angry) to see such waste.
  8. not sensible
  9. 5  not carefully planned; not sensible or accurate He made a wild guess at the answer. wild accusations
  10. exciting
  11. 6(informal) very good, enjoyable or exciting We had a wild time in New York.
  12. enthusiastic
  13. 7wild about somebody/something (informal) very enthusiastic about somebody/something She's totally wild about him. I'm not wild about the idea.
  14. weather/sea
  15. 8affected by storms and strong winds synonym stormy a wild night The sea was wild.
  16. Word OriginOld English wilde, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German wild.Extra examples Her hair was rather wild. I just let my imagination run wild and come up with as many ideas as I can. It makes me wild to see such waste. It makes me wild= very angry to see such waste. She was absolutely wild about him. The crowd was wild with excitement. The dogs live wild on the streets. The flowers grow wild in the mountains. They annoy the neighbours because they let their children run wild. This is truly wild and unspoilt countryside. When the band appeared, the crowd went wild. His speech was greeted by wild applause. It’s the story of a wild and romantic love affair. Nothing could dull the sense of wild excitement that gripped them. The band has a reputation for wild behaviour. There is a wild side to him. Those girls have been allowed to run wild.Idioms
    beyond somebody’s wildest dreams
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    far more, better, etc. than you could ever have imagined or hoped for
    not/never in somebody’s wildest dreams
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    used to say that something has happened in a way that somebody did not expect at all Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd meet him again.
    1. 1to grow or develop freely without any control The ivy has run wild. Let your imagination run wild and be creative.
    2. 2if children or animals run wild, they behave as they like because nobody is controlling them Those boys have been allowed to run wild.
    (of young men) to go through a period of wild behaviour while young, especially having a lot of romantic or sexual relationships He wants to leave home, sow his wild oats and learn about life.
    wild horses would not drag, make, etc. somebody (do something)
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    used to say that nothing would prevent somebody from doing something or make them do something they do not want to do
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