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BrE BrE//wɪn//
; NAmE NAmE//wɪn//
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a victory in a game, contest, etc. two wins and three defeats They have not had a win so far this season. France swept to a 6–2 win over Denmark. Word OriginOld English winnan ‘strive, contend’ also ‘subdue and take possession of, acquire’, of Germanic origin.Extra examples His only big win came in the French Open ten years ago. Liverpool gained a thrilling 5–4 win over Glenavon. People still talk about the famous win against Brazil. She was in a no-win situation, taking the blame for things she did not have the power to change. The Red Sox opened the season with five straight wins. The team claimed a 6–3 away win over Middlethorpe. They’ve gone four games without a win. Torino notched up a 2–1 win at Lazio. We’ve had three successive wins in the National League. Williams’s straight-sets win puts her through to the semi-final. Woods romped to a 12-shot win in the Open. After this year’s election win, they have time on their side. They have now gone 10 games without a win.
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