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; jɜː(r)
; jɪr
(abbr. yr)
1 (also calendar year) [countable] the period from 1 January to 31 December, that is 365 or 366 days, divided into 12 monthsin the year 1865I lost my job earlier this year.Elections take place every year.The museum is open all (the) year round(= during the whole year). see also leap year, new year2 [countable] a period of 12 months, measured from any particular timeIt's exactly a year since I started working here.She gave up teaching three years the first year of their marriagethe pre-war/war/post-war years (= the period before/during/after the war)I have happy memories of my years in Poland (= the time I spent there). see also gap year, light year, off year3 [countable] a period of 12 months connected with a particular activitythe academic/school yearthe tax year see also financial year4 [countable] (especially British English) (at a school, etc.) a level that you stay in for one year; a student at a particular levelWe started German in year seven.a year-seven pupilThe first years do French.She was in my year at school.5 [countable, usually plural] age; time of lifeHe was 14 years old when it happened.She looks young for her years.They were both only 20 years of age.a twenty-year-old manHe died in his sixtieth year.She's getting on in years(= is no longer young).6 years [plural] (informal) a long timeIt's years since we last met.They haven't seen each other for years.That's the best movie I've seen in years.We've had a lot of fun over the years.

man, woman, car, etc. of the year

a person or thing that people decide is the best in a particular field in a particular year
He was chosen as TV personality of the year.

not/never in a hundred, etc. years

(informal) used to emphasize that you will/would never do somethingI'd never have thought of that in a million years.

put years on somebody

to make somebody feel or look older
The illness put years on him.

take years off somebody

to make somebody feel or look younger
That haircut takes years off her.

year after year

every year for many years
People return year after year.

year by year

as the years pass; each year
Year by year their affection for each other grew stronger.

the year dot

(British English) (North American English the year one) (informal) a very long time agoI've been going there every summer since the year dot.

year in, year out

every year

year of grace


year of our Lord

(formal) any particular year after the birth of Christ

year on year

(used especially when talking about figures, prices, etc.) each year, compared with the last yearSpending has increased year on year.a year-on-year increase in spending
more at of advanced years at advanced, somebody's declining years at decline v., donkey's years at donkey, the seven year itch at seven, the turn of the century/year at turn n.