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    BrE BrE//jes//
    ; NAmE NAmE//jes//
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  1. 1  used to answer a question and say that something is correct or true ‘Is this your car?’ ‘Yes, it is.’ ‘Are you coming? Yes or no?’
  2. 2  used to show that you agree with what has been said ‘I enjoyed her latest novel.’ ‘Yes, me too.’ ‘It's an excellent hotel.’ ‘Yes, but (= I don't completely agree) it's too expensive.’
  3. 3  used to disagree with something negative that somebody has just said ‘I've never met her before.’ ‘Yes, you have.’
  4. 4  used to agree to a request or to give permission ‘Dad, can I borrow the car?’ ‘Yes, but be careful.’ We're hoping that they will say yes to our proposals.
  5. 5  used to accept an offer or invitation ‘Would you like a drink?’ ‘Yes, please/thanks.’
  6. 6  used for asking somebody what they want Yes? How can I help you?
  7. 7  used for replying politely when somebody calls you ‘Waiter!’ ‘Yes, sir?’
  8. 8  used to show that you have just remembered something Where did I put the keys? Oh, yes—in my pocket!
  9. 9  used to encourage somebody to continue speaking ‘I’m going to Paris this weekend.’ ‘Yes…’
  10. 10  used to show that you do not believe what somebody has said ‘Sorry I'm late—the bus didn't come.’ ‘Oh yes?’
  11. 11  used to emphasize what you have just said Mrs Smith has just won £2 million—yes!—£2 million!
  12. 12  used to show that you are excited or extremely pleased about something that you have done or something that has happened ‘They've scored another goal.’ ‘Yes!!’
  13. 13yes, yes used to show that you are impatient or irritated about something ‘Hurry up—it's late.’ ‘Yes, yes—I'm coming.’
  14. Word OriginOld English gēse, gīse, probably from an unrecorded phrase meaning ‘may it be so’.Extra examples In reply to his question, most of them answered yes. Please say yes! They voted yes to strike action.Idioms used when you cannot give a clear answer to a question ‘Are you enjoying it?’ ‘Yes and no.’
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