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    BrE BrE//jʌŋ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//jʌŋ//
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  1. 1  the young young people considered as a group It's a movie that will appeal to the young. It's a book for young and old alike. More Like This Plural adjectival nouns the blind, the deaf, the destitute, the dead, the dying, the elderly, the faithful, the homeless, the injured, the insane, the jobless, the middle aged, the old, the poor, the rich, the sick, the squeamish, the wealthy, the wicked, the wounded, the youngSee worksheet.
  2. 2  young animals of a particular type or that belong to a particular mother a mother bird feeding her young
  3. Word OriginOld English g(e)ong, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch jong and German jung, also to youth; from an Indo-European root shared by Latin juvenis.Extra examples It carries its young on its back. The females stay close to their offspring/​young. They catch insects to feed their hungry young. the lion’s offspring/​young
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