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 noun: Coastlines and the sea topic
1 (also the sea) [uncountable] (literary seas [plural]) (especially British English) the salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface and surrounds its continents and islands to travel by sea a cottage by the sea The waste was dumped in the sea. The wreck is lying at the bottom of the sea. We left port and headed for the open sea (= far away from land). the cold seas of the Arctic a sea voyage a hotel room with sea view2 [countable] (often Sea, especially as part of a name) a large area of salt water that is part of an ocean or surrounded by land the North Sea the Caspian Sea3 [countable] (also seas [plural]) the movement of the waves of the sea It was a calm sea. The sea was very rough. 4 [singular] sea of something a large amount of something that stretches over a wide area He looked down at the sea of smiling faces before him. 1 on the sea, especially in a ship, or in the sea It happened on the second night at sea. They were lost at sea. 2 confused and not knowing what to do I'm all at sea with these new regulations. to become a sailorfar away from land where the sea is deepest She fell overboard and was swept out to sea. to leave a port or harbour by ship or boat